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"Get to know yourself so deeply and intimately that all the outside voices are quieted."

The Gab

Love To Move

Love To Move

"Mixing street style with the movement of ballet, the team brought to life the beauty that is dance with looks styled with love. "
Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

"Whether you are celebrating and spending time with friends/family or taking time to pause and breathe – try to nurture yourself and others. "
Editor's Picks V.1

Editor's Picks V.1

It's a new year, and nothing better than a new mantra to get yourself going! I like to meditate and recite a mantra throughout the day...

Why Healthy?

Enter our amazing activewear collection or dare I say "athleisure?" Basically the reason we make it to lunchtime workouts and early morning vinyasa. Crafted from comfortable, state-of-the-art textiles (a.k.a all things super-stretchy), our workout clothes are kind of like personal trainers. Pumping us up with super stylish silhouettes, supporting us with compression fits and built-in bras. Designs powered by endurance-driven details, cute cutouts for breakthrough breathability, pockets perfect for stashing exercise essentials. And fitness-focused spandex for workout clothes without any twisting or tugging. Wiggle room, though - totally taken care of with just-tight-enough tailoring for lunging and lifting the iron.

But, if we're being real, we need our workout clothes to do more than feel good. We want them to look good, too. Because, if we could exercise in our tunics and distressed jeans, we would. We warmed up our gym wear with playful patterns and worked off-duty MVPs into activewear to sport everywhere. Workout pants with effortless slouch, Ã la your fave joggers. Strappy tanks that may just take the place of your go-to going out tops. And sports bras pretty enough to be everyday underpinnings. So now you can hop from gym to home to hanging out in record time. Or from gym to home to the top of this page. They all count as workouts in our book.


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